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Preview – SodomSluts update

Halloween Special 2014

A little post-halloween treat for all members of Sodomsluts! What will you do when you’re a demon in outer circle of hell? You’ve already read all the books that were approved by hellish censorship, you’re running down on wine, and all the coolest sinners like deceased popes and imams are booked by demons from inner circles. Yes, you’re bored like hell, so you’re looking for some fun… Just like busty demonette… When she’s playing with her toys, a teenage pumpkin-head peeps on her, getting more and more excited… And that can means only one thing – sex!
OK, I’ll be honest – there’s no back story behind that one. I just wanted to do something „cool”. And whats cooler than big boobs and tentacles? Yes, this gallery marks the debut of ever popular tentacles on It’s the first time I was working with that kind of models. I’m not 100% happy how they turned out, there’s definitely a room for improvement here but despite that, work over that one was a pure pleasure for me.

If you want more sets like that (Sci-fi tentacles perhaps? Vampires and tentacles? Witches and tentacles? Mature dommes, teenage boys and tentacles? Futas and tentacles?) drop a line in comments or send us message using contact form. You’ll feedback is much appreciated!


  1. Jumbojim0 - 06/11/2014 18:08

    I'm not that keen on tentacles, so no suggestion from me in that matter but… those boobs! Could you please consider creating a babe with even bigger juggz in future? That would be awesome.

  2. Tokage - 06/11/2014 19:25

    Definitely! Just stay tuned, and there will be more breasts than you can handle.

  3. Anonymous - 09/01/2015 14:01

    Next to that, for which I thank you in advance, I'd love to see these women in a tight latex catsuit. Especially the ebony girls.

    Ah, and my compliments on your 3D skills. Your women are gorgeous!


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