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Preview – Rough Desire launch content

Have a sneak peak into the launch content available at Rough Desire.


Against the Wall

What may possibly decorate a boring wall better than the most artful graffiti? Sexy blonde chick Bianca who makes cold stone suddenly look scorching hot! 142 images and HD Video


Caged Passion

There’s many more things you can do in a cage besides fighting! Let those two busty pussy loving bitches demonstrate in this sexy, vibrant photoshoot and accompanying HD video. Pussy licking, pussy fingering, pussy stuffed with dildos – it’s all here. With a light fetish flavor. 131 images and HD Video


Hot Attire

They say girls love men in uniform. And what about guys? Do they like girls in uniform? You bet they do! 71 images


I Wanna Be Famous!

What’s the best way to become a world-famous singer? Talent and hard work? Yeah, right… Stripping for the music producer sounds more like it! 195 images


Obey Me!

Stunningly beautiful, petite Asian mistress Beverly teases you with her young, firm body in this hi-res photoshoot. 31 images


Office Affair

Boring day at the office? No problem. A girl like Janice will always keep you occupied. You’ll will never dread Mondays again! 213 images



Music, champagne and a beautiful girl. Could this evening possibly get any better that that? 272 images


Whips & Leather

Buxom British domme Ashleight Embers takes you on the tour around her dungeon in this fetish-themed solo set. 171 images


  1. Tokage

    Tokage - 12/02/2016 15:35

    I can understand your sentiment, however we’re just “too small” to be able to commission production of a photo-sets/videos that would be a perfect match to our 3dx content. At this moment in regard of RD we are simply relying on an existing content from European photo-agencies, picking stuff that either we find attractive or remotely connected to our 3dx sites (bdsm/mature/ethnic/latex/so on). As you mentioned, this site is simply intended to be a bonus one and allow frequent and regular updates, while we concentrate on creation of 3dx content. Also – launch of RD means that we’re done with remodeling our sites and we finally has a properly working CMS (previous one was a bit unsuited for a gallery-driven sites and “admin unfriendly”) and a modern members area. And since we are done with “upgrading” – we can now concentrate on working over 3dx content. Exclusively.

  2. Avatar

    Rob - 12/02/2016 12:55

    I myself do not see how Rough Desire combines with your renders, even though they’re extra & free. It would be special and worth (even extra) bucks if the women actually somehow looked like some of the girls in your 3D work. If I wanted porn, I’d go to a site that offers porn. I’m following your work @ digital seductions because of the awesome renders and wicked ideas. The renders you make are special, the RD images are too common for me.


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