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    Vernacular - 20/10/2015 04:14

    I really want to know what artist worked on this “Entangled” series? I love this!! Incredible detail and the poses are spectacular! This female character is hot, Hot, HOT!! Is the artist exclusive to TOP and is there website or blog to purchase more of this gold? I want more! Are there plans for a third installment of this beauty? Excellent work!!

    • Astaroth

      Astaroth - 21/10/2015 02:16

      Hi there, creator of Entangled here. I’m flattered you like it so much, thank you ;). To answer your questions… 1) Yes, my content is exclusive to 2) At this point the two existing image sets are the only Entangled content available. Although I don’t plan to make more in the nearest future, I can’t rule out I might come back to it at some point. What I can say for sure is that there will definitely be more similarly themed stuff coming in the future.

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        Vernacular - 22/10/2015 04:49

        Top notch, Astaroth! Thanks for the response. I was a subscriber for a couple months and purchased your sets at TOP. Definitely my brand of 3DX content and quality. The dark erotica is wonderfully done. ‘Entangled’ being my favorite of the batch. I only dropped off because I felt the new material was not coming out enough to justify the monthly subscription fee. I understand it takes time to produce quality images as yours. But I’ll come back to purchase future work. So I’ll keep dropping by the blog for updates.

        Just wondering what software you used and base model to create the ‘Entagled’ female? Detail is amazing! All of it! The facial structure/expressions, her hair, breast shape, subtle pubic hair, and crafting of the genitalia. If not an ‘Entagled’ series soon, I hope to see more of her regardless 🙂

        Plus, the props were great, tentacles, lighting, altering the frames indicating motion. Finally, taking the common theme of tentacle sex to the composition you did was fantastic. I’m not a fan of futa, but the twist you brought out I thought worked very well.

        You’re certainly talented, Astaroth! Really looking forward to your new stuff!



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