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Cockwork Industries Patch 4.14: Widow’s Venom Rita

The fourth Cockwork Industries dialogue skin is Widow’s Venom Rita, which can be picked up by clicking the spider item in the Laboratory:

Upon pickup, a bonus “tease” animation showcasing the skin will also play out. Dialogue skins for remaining characters will be added over time.


This update will also be available on Steam and tomorrow while a joint update containing Nadia and Rita’s skins will be added to Nutaku and Affect3D as soon as possible.


v4.14 Changelog:

• Widow’s Venom dialogue skin added

• Fixed an issue where the Hat-Trick Secret Archive entry could not be unlocked in Straight+Gay Mode without having sex with Diego.


  1. Avatar

    James - 22/05/2020 03:53

    So are you only producing content for this game now? How long till we can playsomething where we can play as a white man?

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 22/05/2020 04:07

      No, we’re adding those dialogue skins while also working on new content. An upcoming game we’re developing will have a white male playable character though it’ll take a long while before the game is finished, so please be patient.

      We’re currently preparing materials we can use to finally announce our upcoming games.

      • Avatar

        James - 14/06/2020 10:37

        Only one will be male, disappointing. You realize thats where all the money is as most of the players are white males and a lot like to self insert right? Must suck selling yourself short

  2. Avatar

    Kingsized - 16/05/2020 16:42

    This is the best dialogue skin so far! Good job!

    Ashame we cannot see her getting stuffed with it on…

  3. Avatar

    jason - 12/05/2020 19:54

    love the skins you guys have been adding…cant wait for the last 3…any idea what girl will be next?

  4. Avatar

    lax - 10/05/2020 16:16

    Excuse me, what engine do you use to make the game? I think I can translate the game into the language of other countries.

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 10/05/2020 19:42

      We’re using a point-and-click adventure game engine called Visionaire Studio. We’re really humbled by all the translation offers and the demand for additional language versions, but made a tough decision a while back not to translate this game to other languages. This is because we didn’t plan on adding additional languages when we started developing Cockwork Industries, mostly due to budget limitations and lack of any ability to estimate how well the game would be received. We don’t have translation workflows implemented into the game and doing it at this point this would be too problematic and time-consuming.

      We’re building our next game with additional language versions in mind from the start and would like to feature at least several language versions eventually.

  5. Avatar

    Arabianknight - 09/05/2020 20:57

    Hey i was wandering if you guys are working on another game, this one is really good and I’m looking forward to see more

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 09/05/2020 20:59

      Yes, we are. We’d really love to show you guys what we’re working on, but we’re not quite ready just yet :-). Hopefully soon.

      • Avatar

        Fordie - 11/05/2020 21:11

        This year? 🙂 Next month? 🙂

        • Astaroth [admin]

          Astaroth [admin] - 12/05/2020 17:35

          I mean, this year for sure, would be crazy if it wasn’t. News regarding our future games are long overdue and we’re actually hoping to show you something very soon.


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