Digital Seductions


A few words about updates


Our premium sites (World of Peach, Tales of Pleasure, Sodom Sluts) will receive regular updates (you may want to read more about World of Peach updates here) – both imagesets and comics. Since we’re NOT a big company, but actually a small team of porn-geeks including two freelance 3d artists, dedicated to providing only the highest quality material, some slight delays may occur. Should anything like this happen, we hope you’ll show some understanding.

We made sure our paysites run as smoothly as
possible. Since they’ve just recently gone live, occasional small
issues may, but shouldn’t, occur. Should you experience any technical
difficulties please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We will
be very grateful for any help that allows us to improve the sites.



There will be a lot of free stuff for everyone to enjoy here on our blog – full galleries and comics (perhaps short or too controversial to be published on paysites), wallpapers and so on. Be sure to bookmark us and check back regularly!

The blog will also feature previews of all content from our paysites, so if you’re still deciding on becoming a premium member, you can check what to expect in the premium members area.


Be an active contributor

We invite you be a part of this network’s creative process. Not only can you participate as a viewer but also actively influence the direction in which we’re going. If you have an idea for a story of an image set or a comic that would fit with the themes found in either of our websites, send us your idea and if we like it, we’ll make it happen! You will be credited as a co-author and receive a free one-year subscription to our premium sites as a thank you from us!

Please note: if you want your idea to turn reality never, ever include an underaged character in it. Other than that pretty much everything is fine with us (as long as we find it interesting).

If you think you have a good idea for a story send as an e-mail with “Story Idea” as the title. Please do not post it directly on the blog. Only serious and interesting submissions will be considered.

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