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Cockwork Industries Patch 4.15: Smooth Criminal Maia

The fifth Cockwork Industries dialogue skin is Smooth Criminal Maia, which can be picked up by clicking the fedora item in the Cafeteria:

Upon pickup, a bonus “tease” animation showcasing the skin will also play out. Dialogue skins for remaining characters will be added over time.


Note to Nutaku and Affect3D customers: because the time period between this update and the previous one was short, the game will be updated straight to v4.15, not 4.14 as was previously planned. The availability of the update of course depends on how fast the store staff will be able to update the game files.


v4.15 Changelog:

• Smooth Criminal dialogue skin added


  1. Avatar

    jason - 24/06/2020 17:22

    when is the next skin coming and is it kyoko or elena?

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 24/06/2020 18:47

      It’s Elena. It should be ready within the next 2 weeks.

      • Avatar

        jason - 24/06/2020 23:04

        so i take it we wont get kyokos skin till like august then?

  2. Avatar

    John - 28/05/2020 22:05

    Yes!! So excited for this but even more excited that we are running out of girls which means KYOKO must have her new skin coming soon!

    • Avatar

      jason - 28/05/2020 23:40

      right i love kyoko she was my favorite for awhile…i hope she gets a schoolgirl outfit lol


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