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Countess in Crimson Patch 0.8.16

We just released a small content update for Countess in Crimson. It features an additional scene at the end of Chapter III with Eva and Titus.

Before you ask – yes, a large content patch that will include Magdalena, additional locations and story expansion is coming, but that update will require major adjustments and rebalancing and therefore must be added as one large content drop. However, in order to show that the game is being actively worked on, we decided to release a few smaller chunks in the meantime, ones that don’t collide with existing content (Gallery will also be sorted once update 1.0 is ready, until then, new Gallery entries will appear at the end of each relevant Gallery section). There will be 1 or 2 more such small updates before the Magdalena patch is released.

Please be aware you will have to start a new game to experience new content. If you have an active playthrough, it’s also recommended to finish it first before updating the game as loading a save file from previous version may cause some minor issues.

You may also want to wait for further updates if you don’t feel like replaying the game every time a small batch of new content is added.


  1. Avatar

    tsorg - 27/01/2023 16:18

    Please consider adding pregnancy and breeding content. Would be grand!

  2. Avatar

    Epicaptain - 27/01/2023 16:15

    Will there be more content for the countess cause the game title is ‘Crimson In Countess’.

  3. Avatar

    good goblin - 25/01/2023 21:40

    I’m really looking forward to the next update!
    And I’d like to see a threesome where ashley is totally corrupted or she gets a demon form, and is fucking another girl and us, that would be very hot.

  4. Avatar

    psycho - 25/01/2023 12:20

    I wish you all the best. By the way, we can keep human eva in the next project?She looks sexy

  5. Avatar

    Ronnical - 24/01/2023 15:50

    When is this update coming out on Affect3D?

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 24/01/2023 16:06

      I’ll submit it today and then it depends on how long it takes them to upload it. This may sometimes take up to two weeks unfortunately.

      • Avatar

        Ronnical - 24/01/2023 16:18

        damn okay but thx for the quick answer

  6. Avatar

    psycho - 24/01/2023 12:58

    please update a footjob for eva without high heels,by the way ,do you have patreon?
    You can leave a patreon for player sponsorship

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 24/01/2023 15:40

      We’ll consider it, but please understand we aren’t able to satisfy everyone’s scene requests. There are simply too many.

      We don’t have Patreon for Countess in Crimson. The game wasn’t designed to be constantly expanded with small updates. We might set up a Patreon for future projects that are suitable for it.


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