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    Roland - 21/05/2016 15:27

    Her hair is really felicitous. Abolutely to the point for those tattooed goth girls.
    I like it & can’t say any word against ist.
    The way how she wears her hair let me remember the black babe in “Candi Wants More In Electric Blue” you can see from the fifth pic (SS_Electricblue_04.jpg).
    A real black gothic girl *lol*
    All in all very good stuff. Keep it on rollin’…
    Regards Roland

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    Astaroth - 04/08/2015 21:04

    Good to hear you like the new Chloe 🙂 Judging from the poll results it seems goth chicks are the favorites. We'll try to feature more of them in our sets and comics.

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    Anonymous - 04/08/2015 11:11

    OMG ! When i saw the other babes i didn't expect NOT ONE BIT she may win ! "not in my wildest dreams"
    She is hot in both hairstyles ! I mean come on, pale gothic girl with nice body and tattoos thats awesome ! I like tattoos and piercings but i dislike josie for her hair.

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    Anonymous - 07/06/2015 07:24

    Don't like the new hair.


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