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Forbidden Festivities (Forbidden Curiosities Development Update)

Hi guys, Tokage here…

Girls you can see below have nothing to do with anything. They won’t appear in any of our games, they won’t feature in any comic, etc. I used them purely for practice – you see, since last year I haven’t rendered a single image. And it turns out it’s not necessarily “like riding a bike” thing. When I returned to rendering visuals for Forbidden Curiosities, I realized I kind of don’t remember how my workflow looked like, why I used to set certain materials the way I did, how I used to set scene lighting and so on. So just as a refresher, I made two scrap characters to experiment with and maybe create a small Halloween set. Admittedly, those two characters aren’t my best ever, same goes for renders, but they did what they were supposed to do – I now remember how to do it 🙂

Since they are Halloween themed, I intended to release the images before Halloween, but got a flu and didn’t really manage to post-produce the renders in time. Anyway, here they are (full mini-set is available in Members Area, but again – it’s a tiny and accidental update (sort of), so don’t get too excited).

Forbidden Curiosities

For the last year I’ve been primarily occupied with programming “Countess…” and didn’t really have time to develop anything major for FC. And when we finally released CiC i jumped into… learning Unity 🙂 Yeah, I’m spending most of my time right now discovering new tools, doing Unity tutorials and so on. As we mentioned on many occasions, we want to move on from Visionaire Studio (the engine we are currently using). Not because it’s a bad – far from that. It’s great for its intended use and easy to grasp, but it’s not necessarily rigged for our specific needs – and for features you’ve been requesting as well. Unity, on the other hand, has ready solutions for Visual Novel style dialogues, allows unrestricted saving and so on. 

Anyway, for the time being, I’ll be sharing my time between learning Unity and developing FC. To be honest, I was hoping to be able to share “actions menu” from FC in this update with you, but unfortunately, it’s not quite ready yet 🙁

FC was perhaps announced a little bit too soon, but it’s back on track now. I’ll try to be as open about its development as possible and upload some working gameplay examples (even with crude placeholders) as soon there’s something to show.

Till then – stay healthy.


  1. Avatar

    CrazyforBoobs - 19/07/2023 22:55

    Can’t wait to finally get to see FC … I love the breasts and other oversized features of your FC ideas – but I agree, please render the faces as beautiful as possible 🙂 … keep up the energy to continue create !!

  2. Avatar

    Joe W. - 29/03/2023 02:03

    It’s great to hear about an update. The art on this project is so edgy, I hope you guys push the limits

  3. Avatar

    Demonspe3d - 20/01/2023 06:42

    That might be the ugliest woman I have ever seen in the first photo

  4. Avatar

    psycho - 01/12/2022 14:24

    please update a footjob for eva


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