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Countess in Crimson Development Update #7

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to take a moment to apologize for the slow development of post-launch content for Countess in Crimson. Several minor factors come into play, but the most important one is that I’m currently moving and have limited ability to work on new content. This will still significantly affect development in August and September, so please be aware of that.
Once the move is finished I hope to pick up the pace and get back on track as fast as possible.
The next small update containing mastery sex scene skins should hopefully be ready by the end of the month.




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    Izzy - 16/09/2022 21:32

    Is there any chance that a possible gay scenario might be added to the story? 🙂

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 16/09/2022 23:13

      No, not in this game. Although no one was complaining about it in CI, it just doesn’t feel right to ask players to buy the full game only to enjoy a small fraction of the content they are interested in. If we ever do more gay-oriented content in the future, it will most likely be a separate gay-oriented game. This would only be feasible once we’ve grown enough to be able to make a few games simultaneously and that’s not happening for the foreseeable future.

      • Avatar

        Izzy - 17/09/2022 04:13

        That’s fair, but I did very much enjoy the full game even without an optional gay scenario. 🙂

        The overall story on its own was so captivating, it kept me engaged! I was mostly focused on Josh and the various situations he gets himself into with the many romance options.

        So when I saw another romance option; Magdalena, was planned, I couldn’t help but imagine the possibility. 😉

        Will there be more romance options in the future?

        • Astaroth [admin]

          Astaroth [admin] - 19/09/2022 01:02

          Yes, we have 9 romance options planned in total, of which 6 have been revealed (5 already in game + Magdalena).

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    Orb - 07/09/2022 20:05

    Was curious what the state of the other game you were working on was, the one that seemed to be more in the SodomSluts universe?

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 09/09/2022 01:56

      It’s still being developed, but slowly. We’ll share some info when we can.

  3. Avatar

    Logic - 06/09/2022 17:15

    Will you be allowing us to play as a male protagonist in a patch? 🙂
    Would love that!

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 09/09/2022 01:55

      You mean female, right? You already have a male protagonist 🙂.

      Technically yes, you will be able to play as Ashley, a female protagonist, but only for a small part of the game and without affecting romance options as it wouldn’t make sense for other character to affect Josh’s personality traits.

  4. Avatar

    Dark Slaver - 03/09/2022 09:11

    After some thought, would it be possible to maybe, eventually, at some point in the future do an update on what Ashley gets up to everyone she is separated from Josh, ie the walk after the first scene with Eva to when she disappears during the dinner with the Countess and when she leaves for the castle after Aliyah. This would involve more Lesbian ( my favourite kink) followed by demon futa (another favourite because of you guys!) and tentacles. Anyways hope the house move went well and look forward to the updates as and when they come. 🙂

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 03/09/2022 19:15

      We do plan to add a segment with Ashley later on since having parts of the game from Ashley’s POV has already been requested a few times.
      Some parts when she’s missing are intentionally meant to be a mystery, but there is some wiggle room for adding such content in at least one point in the game.

  5. Avatar

    Yuan - 30/08/2022 21:56

    Hi Astaroth, just wanted to say I love this game! I bought the game on Steam recently and I totally loved it! I have a huge fetish for succubus/demon girls and I’m also a big fan of occultism and Lovecraft stories, so this game hits all the right spots for me. Take your time with your move but I got to say I can’t wait for new contents to be added to the game — a longer plot/gameplay with more backstories about the succubi, Aliyah and the cult; BDSM scenes for succubus/demon Eva (my favorite), Countess and Aliyah; more interactive sex scenes, etc… Looking forward to further updates on this game!

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 30/08/2022 22:36

      I’m happy to hear that. You should like the dialogue skin set we’ll be adding soon (Eva, Countess and Aliyah will have their demon skins available to unlock). Sadly, this will still be delayed by a few weeks due to reasons outlined in the post.

  6. Avatar

    psychosocial - 23/08/2022 20:31

    please update a footjob for eva

  7. Avatar

    Danlorn - 15/08/2022 10:20

    As a dude who moved too many times over the last five years I can tell that moving SUCKS. Take your time and be well, mate! 😌


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