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Tales of Pleasure goes futa + new blog poll

Hi there!

Since a lot you guys asked for it in your pm’s, from now on Tales of Pleasure will also feature futanari. Looks like dick girls are the most popular fetish among 3DX fans and it can no longer be ignored ;-).

Right now I’m preparing a hardcore set featuring Evelyn (whom you had the oportunity to meet some time ago in a free set here on our blog; if you missed it, have a look here). Here she is in both her regular and “futa-demon” form.

This image set will be followed by a comic, although not as long as The Cockwork Industries one, which I feel went on for a bit too long in the end.

The Poll

This feels like a good opportunity to ask you which type of content you actually prefer. We always assumed that comics are more attractive, but taking into account they take much longer to prepare than plain image sets, maybe this is not the case. Let us know how you feel about about it by voting in the poll to the right or leaving a comment here… or both 🙂


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    Emma Hansson - 28/12/2014 09:40

    This comment has been removed by the author.

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    Anonymous - 07/12/2014 06:36

    Loved the option for creating SHEMALE, TRANNY avatar's

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    _aliased - 10/11/2014 15:33

    still comics

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    Tokage - 09/11/2014 19:45

    One thing needs clarifying: comics are shorter page vise, but in terms of "raw" number of images it's not necessarily true. Tropical Heat had 30+ pages but over 120 images. Such numbers of course are impossible with our ongoing stuff, but still worth mentioning.


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