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World of Peach work in progress – Oktoberfest

Hi everyone!

We decided the blog needs a bit of a personal touch, so from now we’ll be, well, actually blogging 🙂

Our posts so far have been mostly informative and featured blog freebies and previews of already finished content available on our premium sites. We’d like to give you an idea of what’s going on behind the scenes as well and what we’re actually working on at the moment. This way you’ll know what to expect in the nearest future and that we are alive and kicking. I can’t say how often we’ll be posting, since delivering content in our top priority, but you’ll hear from us as soon as we have some spare time and something to show.

Now to the point… here’s what’s coming next to World of Peach. It’s a busty Oktoberfest themed babe for my Peach of the Month feature, so something for all you big titty lovers :). After all, everybody knows that Oktoberfest is all about beer and boobs!

Here are some rough renders on what the girl looks like. Hope you like her. Don’t hesitate to comment if you do (or don’t) :).

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    Anonymous - 10/10/2014 18:40

    I love those stockings.


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