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[WIP] Once you book-in, you’ll never leave…

After launch of “Cockwork Industries” we decided that we try to address our communication issues throught regular weekly updates. We suck big time in “social-media-fu” but we want to keep you informed about what are we up to (even when we don’t really have anything spectacular to show you). So, for this week it looks around those lines:

1/ Cockwork Industries DLC – Astaroth started rendering scenes involving new girl. As soon as he’s done with graphical assets, I’ll start implementing/coding them. And that’s where the easy part will end. We learned (the hard way) that debbuging is most time consuming part of game devopment. Anyway, nothing changes – DLC’s are our top priority.

2/ Other projects – as we mentioned few posts earlier, we have two other games in early stages of development. And while I’m waiting for CI DLC assets, I pushed one of those early projects a bit further in development. Namely – I’m almost done with first two scenes/locations (I guess I’ll be doing final renders this week and then moving into coding them, adding enviroment animations and particle effects and so on). Please take a look on those projects. And since no location can be complete without some characters to populute them please enjoy two rough sketches of potential NPC’s.   

Till next week.


  1. Avatar

    Tripper - 28/01/2019 19:18

    Please stick to making tons of Cockwork Industries DLC’s if you ask me. This new game doesn’t really interest me.
    And add some dirty talk during the longer sex scenes, having girls beg to get knocked up

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 28/01/2019 20:56

      I’m happy to hear you like Cockwork Industries. However, you need to understand other players may like other games, with different aesthetics and gameplay.

      Until we release at least several games, we won’t be able to judge what is really popular and what is not. Once we do, we’ll most likely stick to the format that resonates with our customers the most.

  2. Avatar

    Rob - 25/12/2018 10:17

    Can we expect the dark skinned Sodom Sluts as a game? Those are my favorite characters of DS by far

    • Tokage [admin]

      Tokage [admin] - 27/12/2018 17:39

      Those are also my favorite characters, so to answer your question – definitely.

  3. Avatar

    Lightning747 - 11/12/2018 05:53

    Lets pray these other 2 games have a white main character

    • Tokage [admin]

      Tokage [admin] - 11/12/2018 12:53

      Can’t talk about other Astaroth’s project, in mine PC is nicely thicc black girl.

      • Astaroth [admin]

        Astaroth [admin] - 11/12/2018 14:22

        The other game will not have a black PC for sure.

      • Avatar

        Spanky - 13/12/2018 02:31

        Also with a dick, I hope! It’s good to see the futas make a return.


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