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Digital Seductions status update


First of all, we’d like to inform everyone Digital Seductions is not dead by any means. We are currently in the process of changing the way we operate and the content we create, which requires a lot of work in advance and behind the scenes. We apologize for not having regular updates during that time.

We will post updates regarding upcoming content when we’re ready. We don’t want to repeat our past mistakes of spoiling upcoming content and not delivering. After all, a broken promise is worse than not making a promise at all.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that we’re essentially two content creators (me and Tokage) and we are currently unable to commit to running Digital Seductions full time (we’ve never achieved the financial threshold to do so), although we’d like to and that was our goal from the start. We hope this changes in the near future and with your help we’ll be able to expand and grow.

In the meantime, Thank You to everyone who’s been supporting us so far. We wish everybody Happy Holidays and New Year and we’ll see you soon!



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    Beneathulk - 10/03/2018 17:30

    I found this site recently and am considering signing up but having read this and seeing that there has been no further update this year, I’m not reluctant to do so.

    I appreciate that it’s difficult running something like this part time. It’s obvious that you are very talented and imaginative creators, maybe you need to up your marketing game? If you don’t already do so, offering some free preview games on popular adult gaming sites is an easy way of increasing brand awareness and reaching more potential customers.


    • Astaroth

      Astaroth - 10/03/2018 18:06

      Thank you for your appreciating our work :).

      If you consider signing up, I’d advise you to wait a bit until we’re ready to roll out our new content. Once we do, we’ll have regular updates again. Just check back once or twice a month. We’re definitely still in business but the things we’re currently working on take a lot of time to prepare.

      As for the marketing side of things, we can certainly step op our game, but you have to keep in mind that options for advertising adult content are very limited.

      Take care!

      • Avatar

        Beneathuk - 27/08/2018 19:02

        Thanks for replying. It’s been a few months since I last looked and there still appears to be no new content. I’ll check back later in the year.

        • Astaroth

          Astaroth - 28/08/2018 15:55

          It shouldn’t be long now. I still can’t give an exact date, but we’re close.


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