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Mansion of Evil Pleasures development journal #1

Welcome to a peaceful little French town – Latexstadt. Great Faith War with DICK (Deranged Islamic Cumdrinking Killers) is over and its horrors like extermilkation camps for futas are far gone. Victory of the allied forces of the Axis consisting of The German Reich (under the rule of Führerin Adolfa Genitalbrecher), Neo-Vatican (under the rule of Her Holiness, Pope Joan de Bruisemark) and Great Empire of Japan (ruled by Empress Itami Bondēji) guarantees a relative peace. Peace still sometimes threatened by DICK sleeper agents. Due to this threat streets of Latexstadt are patrolled by elite BDSM (Bund Deutscher Sadomasochistischen Mädel) soldiers, ensuring that regular townsfolk are not bothered in their daily sleaziness.

On a high hill towering over Latexstad an old mansion stands. Townsfolk rarely see the three noble sisters living there, thus both the mansion and its residents are surrounded by a thick aura of rumors and incredible stories. Some of those stories make blood run cold…

OK guys, time to play open cards.

It was rather hard not to notice the lack of updates in recent months. From a customer’s perspective it probably looks like we’re currently spending your hard earned buck living in fancy penthouses, banging sexy gals and cute Thai TS and not giving a damn about you anymore.

Well – it’s completely untrue.

In your emails, three keywords pop more often than others – futa, boobs and… games. The problem is – we don’t make games. While both of us pack a respectable portfolio of eroge projects we helped create for other companies (mostly Lesson of Passion games), when it comes to developing our own games we kept hitting the “neither of us is a programmer” wall. Due to that simple fact SS, ToP and WoP games were out of question.

Have you noticed the “were”?

Yes, Ladies and Gents, it’s my ultimate pleasure to announce that Mansion of Evil Pleasures aka Sodom Sluts the Game and a yet unnamed Tales of Pleasure game (Astaroth will brief you about this one when he’s ready) are in development and expected to launch next year. We laid low until we were 100% positive that we’d be able to develop a game on our own (we’re a micro company* – dealing in extreme niches, so hiring a dedicated programmer it absolutely out of question right now). Fortunately, thanks to commercial game engines that require small to none programming skills, it turned out that – hell yes, we can.

*meaning we’re self employed, sitting in one depressing dark flat and keeping each other company

So, lets talk details.

Dev in the details

1/ At this moment – we decided on a classic point and click adventure game/visual novel, viewed from the eyes of a protagonist. This is a kind of game I’m sure I can pull of. Yet, I’m still testing a dating sim option (time management, pursuing different girls and so on). If I grab a hold of it, we’ll make a switch from Visual Novel to Dating Sim (adventure elements remain as they were intended, extra dating sim stuff added). I’ll keep you informed if such a transition is possible or not. Expect a definitive answer before the end of the year.

2/ People play porn games for porn. Not for the convoluted, cheesy, B grade romance/thriller movie script with an occasional boob. So – while the plot is present, its only raison d’etre is to provide ongoing opportunities to show you the most wicked sex scenes (and, since it is choice based, to ensure a re-playability).

3/ Story follows a year in life of a stunning futa-gal (she has a cock, an itchy pussy and a tight asshole), No. 69, nicknamed “Cumdump” (nickname changes as No.69 gains/loses respect among denizens of the mansion and townsfolk). Yes, she had a “real name”, but that was before she was purchased by the three sisters from a mysterious manor. As time flies and seasons change, reclaiming her real name and pursuing some kind of a relatively “happy” resolution to her story is entirely up to the player.

4/ While dating sims and visual novels are undoubtedly the most popular genres and their popularity doesn’t seem to be fading, their presentation is mostly… well, soooo MS-DOS-y. Static images, occasional eye blinking or pose change… I don’t want that. All “talkable” characters will have different animated loops for various moods. I cannot, however, promise you everything (namely – general NPCs/background elements) will be animated. Considering a workforce at my disposal (an army of me) that would be a huge overkill, making a task of finishing a game within a relatively short time impossible. But I can promise you I will do my best to make it as unnoticeable as possible.

 conversation_loop_futa_headmaid loop_idle

5/ Sex should be stunning. A single, static frame after an hour-long pursuit of a love interest is not a satisfactory reward. So yeah – for main sex scenes we’re going fully controllable (if you choose so, as there will be an option for hands free controls, that “grant” you passing a sex-scene but with mediocre “final” result) FMV.

6/ I’m allergic to vanilla. I literally can’t stand “normal” sex, as it bores me to tears. So – every single sex scene will be fetish-related in some way. A list of inspirations include Diane Thorne’s sexploitation movies, hentai animes like Bondage Game, Dark Love and Pigeon Blood. It won’t be a game about chasing butterflies and living happily ever after. While the game will feature some happy sex scenes, at its core will be totally Sodom Slutty – dark, nasty and lacking a happy ending. Sorry guys – I’ve been battling depression for the last 20 years and the bitch really took a toll on my worldview.


7/ While finishing the game will be a relatively easy task, discovering all of Latexstadt citizens’ secrets and hidden quests isn’t going to be easy and will keep you occupied. Since fashion sense in Latexstad is rather daring it should be, however, a rather pleasing task.

8/ Game will be available in members area as a downloadable file (both windows .exe and Android .apk). After testing an interface – while it will definitely be playable on smartphones, it will be far from optimal due to small interface elements. The creation of two separate interfaces is out of question, so let’s say that targeted platforms are PCs and Andoid Tablets (7″+).

As for the story… Well, I’m doing my best to ensure that just a little thought about playing the game will be a threat to your immortal soul, while actually playing it will guarantee a cozy, warm place in hell.


Accessible only in Spring Butterfly Meadow, provides both the opportunity to jizz-out and to make new, rather unusual acquaintances.

Challenges, members and site updates, general roadmap

For the time period required to finish the game, I’m adopting a “Patreon” kinda approach to members area updates. While general progress and lots of promo images will be available to everyone here, on our blog, some of the stuff stays exclusive to our members. Developing a game as one-person dev team is a 12-hour a day, six days a week work, so it’s kind of obvious, that “other” (non MoEP related) content will be sparse. I think I should be able to pull a comic or imageset quarterly. This year is an exception. Virgin Hunters, a comic announced a while ago is waiting for its last page and if nothing bad happens should go live by the end of next week. I’ll try my best to add one more comic around Christmas (Yeah, Candi is finally going to have some fun. Sorry it took so long). From New Year onward we’re going with small, but regular MoEP members exclusive updates and big/self contained things (comics/image-sets) added quarterly.

If this model won’t work and SS members start to vanish, focus will be shifted from game development to picture sets/comics till balance is restored. The actual use of Patreon for funding a game, while tempting, is out of question, as it would be a middle finger to our commercial members who have been supporting us so far.

Development of a game is a perfect opportunity for us to reinvigorate the blog and get to know more about your expectations regarding Digital Seductions as a whole. I want you to be involved in the creative process. While basic elements are laid over and for obvious reasons must stay unchanged, you can influence many of the elements featured in the game. In the next gamedev journal I’m going to publish a poll in which all our blog readers will have a chance to influence one of the game elements. Remember your feedback is extremely valuable, so don’t by shy and drop a line in comments or send us an email.

So, till next time.

Mansion of Evil Pleasures aka Sodom Sluts: The Torture Game

Genre: 2D Visual Novel / Point and click explicit adventure with FMV sex scenes
Target platforms: PC & Android
Fetishes: Futanari, Cosplay, Naziploitation, Nunsploitation, Hard BDSM, Ladyboys, Ganguro, Oppai, Tentacles, Preggo
Status: In production (completed pre-production, finished designs for the main characters and interface, outlined script & game mechanics, some locations finished)
Relase date: 2016 (Q3-Q4)


And since there may be people who only read headlines/jump to conclusions without reading the wall of text I repeat myself in bold

This journal entry relates to a game that is currently in production. At the moment of this publication, members area of Digital Seductions offers only 3DX picture sets, pinups and comics.


  1. Avatar

    Toydoll - 27/01/2017 00:52

    Hello, i just come across this marvelous project you have here but is seem that there was no update for a while now, is the project dead? I wish it is not, it seem to show great promise 🙂 Also, i realy love your work in Sodom Slut i wish there was more frequent update 🙂

    • Tokage

      Tokage - 27/01/2017 02:09

      Hi, I’m glad you’re liking SS. As for MoEP – yes, project is very much alive and happening. I was simply way too much optimistic about how long it will take one person to complete endeavor that big. To be honest – even if I would like to scrap it now, I put way too much time and effort into it so I’m definitely going to see it till the end. I’m slowly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, so lets hope for the best 🙂

      • Avatar

        Toydoll - 28/01/2017 00:05

        It is awesome to learn that the project is still on the way, I can’t wait to see it. And yeah, game development is always a lot more work than anticipated, I once considered to make a point and click adventure with my cast of characters too… but in 2d. I still want to do it but i know it is a project that i will have to do when i’ll have way more free time that i have right now 🙂

      • Avatar

        Toydoll - 21/08/2018 04:17

        Is the project still alive?

        • Avatar

          soso - 26/08/2018 13:26

          i really hope it is

          • Avatar

            Toydoll - 17/11/2019 22:13

            well, seem like its dead, i was really looking forward for this one 🙁

  2. Avatar

    vinicius - 08/12/2015 23:06

    muito bom esse site

  3. Avatar

    Landru - 23/10/2015 21:25

    Is Faith War already out? It says it’s coming soon on

    • Tokage

      Tokage - 23/10/2015 21:38

      I’m terribly sorry if you was waiting specifically for that one. My bad, I haven’t updated a landing page from ages. Due to shift in priorities, Faith War, at least in comic form was buried. It’s basic elements however (namely – a religious, armed conflict between armed Vatican forces and Islamic fanatics) serves as a “world building” background to MoEP. First member-only mini update will feature pinups of famous Sexorcist (lady that is standing next to burning brazier in gifs showed in this blog entry), that I belove fall under very same fetishes “Faith War” was intended to fall. If you’re into “battle nuns” kind of thing, I believe I’m gonna have some stuff you’re going to find interesting in not that distant future.

  4. Avatar

    Gek - 21/10/2015 18:23

    I like Sodom Sluts but I much prefer ToP and Wop. That said, what you described about this project has me sold. It is going to be interesting to follow this project since it is pretty ambitious and a 2016 (Q3-Q4) release date is a good choice just in case you run into problems.

    Good luck with it!

    • Tokage

      Tokage - 21/10/2015 19:57

      There definitely will be a ToP game. Astaroth is currently occupied with remodeling our sites, so he has other things on his mind right now, but as soon as he’s ready he’ll gonna brief you about his project. As for WoP – there’s a problem with our styles being totally uncompilable, but as soon as we find a way for distributing a tasks between us, we’ll probably gonna give it a try in form of short, vanilla flavored game. No promises on that one however, as both of us are primarily concerned about our individual projects.

      • Avatar

        Gek - 21/10/2015 20:35

        Thanks for the info. I really like the direction that you lot are taking with the site, it’s very promising and I am looking forward to your future works.

  5. Avatar

    DmVirgin - 21/10/2015 06:04

    I’m super excited to see you all are making a game. I’m definitely looking forward to what you all come up with and if you need any help with the story just shoot me an email.


    • Tokage

      Tokage - 21/10/2015 19:51

      Hi, I’m so glad you commented! Give me a day or two and I’m gonna brief you on state of things via PM.

      • Avatar

        DmVirgin - 23/10/2015 01:36

        Awesome. I love what you all do and I’m happy to help.

  6. Avatar

    _aliased - 21/10/2015 01:22

    Looking Good, but Q3 2016 is so far away :/

    • Tokage

      Tokage - 21/10/2015 02:03

      I know. But a) it’s our first attempt at making a game b) being able to put together a game doesn’t mean – “I’m lightning fast at it” c) with our history of missed deadlines, we’re trying to be as realistic in this regard as possible d) it’s a one person endeavor – from script, through gfx, video post production to programming. From that perspective – it’s actually not that distant a future. That said, we can’t rule out a possibility of publishing a WoP game (smaller in scope and more appealing to general public) in collaboration with Astaroth some time before MoEp is released.

  7. Tokage

    Tokage - 19/10/2015 22:20

    Thank you, I’m really glad you like them. Those are test renders, use as a reference point for further tweaking so hopefully final product will look even better.

  8. Avatar

    michaelninethousand - 19/10/2015 02:12

    I don’t comment here often but I have to say that this looks fantastic.
    The characters look so alive, Excellent work 🙂


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