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Sodom Sluts/MoEP update – The Sexorcist

Welcome to second Mansion of Evil Pleasures update.

This post was supposed to be long and filled with small details, but it’s 5 AM and I’m kind of unconscious. So just the most important stuff from behind the scenes of MoEP development – at this moment I’m mostly occupied with stuff that ain’t „spectacular” but has to be done. I have finally moved onto new version of Octane Render and I’m currently recreating both materials and lights that I’m using in my renders as there is no backward compatibility. While it may look as pain in the ass, it’s totally worth the time, as new engine allows for displacement maps (finally), thus allowing shitloads of small details to finally debut in my renders. Veins, cellulite, bruises – it’s going to be there (as soon as I’m done with creation of custom displacements). Some early attempts can be seen on renders related to this post.

Aside of that, I’m also slowly developing less important NPC’s and doing lots of test renders. Some of the designs turned nicely while with few other I’m not that happy and most likely I will start from the scratch. A pool in regard of breast size of NPC’s coming soon – I just need to be done with at least one character example for every size.

In members area


While vision of Christianity implemented in MoEP in general is totally silly, joyful, and extremely erotic, there is also an other, darker side to it. Namely – an armed arm of Church in form of battle nuns, sexorcists and so called „Gangs of Jesus”. In members area you can find a pin-up set of one of them – Sister Purificia. And hell yeah, I’m totally in love with her 🙂 At this moment she’s one of my favorite creations. Just don’t try to search for any sense in her outfit, as it was simply designed to look cool. She’ll definitely appear in a game as an NPC. However, meeting her will be really hard as MoEP incorporates so called DEVOTION SYSTEM. Cumdump can be a good, well behaved girl longing for a true love or a sinful, evil whore – it depends entirely on player choices. Pretty much every action and decision influences a Devotion stat, moving her closer to either God or Devil. It has various consequences that will be discussed in greater detail when game development will be closer to completion. At this moment let’s just say, that Purificia shows up and hunts only those with darkest souls, ones that strayed from the righteous path.


Below you can download 4 Hi-res renders of two ladies. I’m working over those characters right now. In case of Jessica – I’m really happy with her, so she’s probably getting a bigger part in a game. Maybe some minor tweaking in textures, and she’ll be good to go. Sister Celeste on the other hand is most likely to get a completely new incarnation (visual only, her background stays as it is).


Till the next time.

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