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Lesbians FTW!

It’s time (OK, maybe it’s actually a little late to do that, but there was good reason for that) to sum up the results of our poll. Girl on girl options blew the “straight” stuff out of the water.

Preggo Candi (and her girlfriends) does toys received 143 “thumbs up” and will receive a treatment in the form of a full-fledged comic for members only. Candi, her girlfriends and, thanks to my recent hardware update, 9* (!) other ladies will board the “Terminator”, a very special vessel owned by Hoe’s on Waves and serving as an abortion clinic specializing in late pregnancies. And with numbers like that, it can mean only one thing – an epic orgy! Time to reveal wip of two of Candi’s friends – click on a portrait for a “full body shot”…


…and click on numbers to see early wip of some of the other passengers!

Mia & Farrah



The Heartless

Candi (and her girlfriends) does toys received 89 votes, coming second, and as such it will be turned into a free comic available here on our blog. As we mentioned in our very first post, with the blog we’re not restricted by credit card company policies, and because of that we can do much, much more. And so this comic will feature some extremely nasty stuff.

*Please note, that except for Cherry and Laika, “NPC”/background characters are pretty much early work in progress. I usually create a lot of them, then choose few I like the most, pimp their models/textures and include in finished product.

And if you like preggos, be sure to check Red Leather Art!

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    germanwhiteboi - 07/06/2017 20:39

    Was this cruise comic ever released ?


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