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Countess in Crimson: Magdalena First Look

Today we’d like to introduce to you the next girl coming to Countess in Crimson as a romance option.

Sister Magdalena

Carrying the weight of Countess’ sinful ways in her heart, Magdalena is definitely not your ordinary sister of mercy.


Please keep in mind that the fact we’re sharing her character design with you today does not mean her in-game content will be ready anytime soon. There will be more intermediate updates released prior to introducting Magdalena’s storyline into the game.


  1. Avatar

    Peter Li - 19/07/2022 15:56

    Hello, I’m a Chinese fan of your game. Could you add more langanges on your games (maybe Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese) , because so many Chinese fans can not understand what story contents.

  2. Avatar

    good goblin - 12/07/2022 01:16

    please tell me she can transform into a demon🙏🙏

  3. Avatar

    Ouch that has to hurt - 11/07/2022 12:06

    I do not believe she fits in as a main character, because of how serious and formal all of the other characters are. Perhaps after one of the endings there could be another thread with her in it?

    All that aside, the job you have done is exceptional and unique. I am confident that whatever you do it will be good.

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    Sam - 26/06/2022 16:20

    Damn she looks like a badass and smoking hot too. Appreciate the variety of girls and interested to see what you guys came up with for future girls.

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    Dark Slaver - 25/06/2022 09:35

    Nice! Will she have a scene with Ashley? Where as I did enjoy the Futa content, girl on girl is my kink of choice.


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