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We’re alive…

…and better than ever. Although, a little bit overworked.

From our playground

As you probably noticed we’ve done a complete makeover of our blog. It’s the first – of many – upcoming changes. A relaunch of our paysites will be happening soon (new layouts, new “engine”, new members area and a new, bonus site). No ETAs as we want to be sure that everything is working properly, but definitely before end of this year.

For the time being, here’s an update on what’s we’re currently working on:


Tales of Pleasure

Here is a glimpse at of the upcoming Tales of Pleasure set which this time will include some animations as well.

Sodom Sluts

Meet Angelique, one of the many dommes that are about to debut on Sodom Sluts. I’m almost done with her (and her girlfriend). Expect to get to know them better within max three weeks.


Short story contest

If you’re feeling creative, and want to do something for a 3dx community (or simply – if you want your sexual fantasy materialized), be sure to visit our friend redleatherart, as he’s currently holding a contest for a short story.


  1. Avatar

    Y1nX - 19/12/2016 19:37

    Are the rumors true?

    • Tokage

      Tokage - 19/12/2016 21:12

      I’m not really sure what do you mean. Yes, we’re alive. In terms of SodomSluts updates – except for occasional small photo-sets I switched all my priorities into SS-related game development. Unfortunately, as I’m doing writing, rendering, programming all by myself it’s taking longer that I would like. But there is already some light visible at the end of long tunnel.

      • Avatar

        Y1nX - 21/12/2016 23:52

        Meant a different rumor. The one that Alisson Pain called Isabelle and Angelique “soft bitches” and told them she “can easily take anything they can dish out”…

  2. Avatar

    A - 25/09/2015 13:06

    glad to c an update coming soon can’t wait for it 🙂 hopefully a continuation of order of the holy cock XD


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