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Countess in Crimson Development Update #2

Hello everyone.

We’d like to update you on our progress on Countess in Crimson. Sorry it took this long, but we’ve been working on a lot of stuff “under the hood” with not much to show for it. Please also be aware we’d rather not reveal too much in-game content throughout development, simply because we don’t won’t to spoil it for you.

Here’s where we are right now:

  • All writing is done
  • All characters designs are completed
  • All game locations are completed
  • User interface is 90% completed
  • Coding proper has begun

There’s obviously a ton of work left, apart from coding – most animations and images, but a big chunk of work is already done.

We can’t share any release estimate, so please don’t ask about it. We don’t want to miss the mark on the release date and then be pressured to release a messy game only to meet the deadline (*cough* CP2077 *cough*).

Today we’d like to show you the remaining love interests – Aliyah and Irina.



The custodian.

Aliyah in her library:




The innkeeper.

Inside the inn:



In our next update we’ll share some info regarding character progression.


  1. Avatar

    Grey - 16/03/2021 10:38

    I dont get the “Please also be aware we’d rather not reveal too much in-game content throughout development, simply because we don’t won’t to spoil it for you.” Your more then willing to show pinup after pinup for FC, yet with CC you’re unwilling? Either CC is a smaller game, or you just arent putting as much passion into CC as FC

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 16/03/2021 11:41

      Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Countess in Crimson is a bigger game than FC and we’re currently putting much more development time into it. The reason why there aren’t that many pinups or other promotional images for CiC is because I’m focused on making the actual game assets and don’t have much spare time to make any other content not featured in the game.

    • Avatar

      RON - 22/11/2021 09:51

      So how’s the progress? I see very few updates recently.

      • Astaroth [admin]

        Astaroth [admin] - 22/11/2021 17:41

        As previously mentioned, we’re focusing on finishing the game and we won’t be posting many updates until it is released. Lack of updates just means we’re busy working and there’s no cause for concern.

  2. Avatar

    Steady - 26/02/2021 16:47

    Waiting patiently for the next update , time to replay CI

  3. Avatar

    John - 10/02/2021 23:04

    Looking and sounding great! Im looking forward to playing some new stuff from you guys. Keep up the good work and thanks for the update!

  4. Avatar

    jay jones - 03/02/2021 20:40

    Thank you for answering all my questions.

  5. Avatar

    jay jones - 03/02/2021 15:06

    Sorry Im late but I got a lot of free time thanks to the crisis. I wonder why the decision not to make Cockwork Industries 2.CI was a amazing game with a great cast of beautiful women with the some of the greatest costumes in video game history.I think all of their boob size were just right (Which is why Im sad I dont see big boobs in Countess in Crimson).The game had diversity, multiple endings and great adult content.The only thing that needed changing was the minigames and make the characters and story more compelling.

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 03/02/2021 15:50

      Happy to hear you liked Cockwork Industries so much. We plan to return to CI sometime in the future. The thing is, when you do the same thing for a long time, it’s easy to get burned out (not saying it’s what happened in our case). This applies to all aspects of life. That’s why after finishing development on Cockwork Industries we didn’t want to start making a sequel right away, but to do something different instead – explore new characters, new stories, themes etc. I’m sure many of our fans feel the same way.

      As for boobs – it’s a divisive subject. Some like them big, some like them fake, others like them petite and natural. Bottom line is, you can’t please everyone, but if we make them varied enough, hopefully, everyone will find something to their liking. There will definitely be more for big boob lovers in upcoming DLCs ;).

  6. Avatar

    jay jones - 02/02/2021 20:39

    Question will at least half of the girls have big boobs like in Cockwork Industries

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 02/02/2021 20:54

      Well, all base girls have already been revealed, so you can pretty much judge for yourself. We did try to have more variety this time around.
      Also, the definition of “big boobs” is rather subjective, just ask Tokage what he thinks about that ;-).

  7. Avatar

    jay jones - 02/02/2021 20:34

    Im happy to hear the progress and wander would you consider releasing a demo to get feedback from the community

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 02/02/2021 23:12

      We don’t plan to have a demo available, but can’t completely rule out the possibility. As for feedback – Cockwork Industries provided us with a huge amount of feedback and since Countess in Crimson is a similar game, this’ll help us a great deal.

  8. Avatar

    Steady - 27/01/2021 12:34

    Awesome news , but a few questions : 1-Steam day 1 release ? 2-How about longevity and replayability compared to Cockworks ?
    3-The numbers of babes , once again compared to Cockworks ?
    4-Hiden achievements was my favorite feature in CW , will make it a return ?
    5-Threesome or foursome possibilities ?
    Thank you and keep up the good work

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 27/01/2021 14:47

      1. Steam release will come later than the initial release in our Members Area. How much later is yet to be determined.
      2. The game is longer than Cockwork Industries and more story-driven. You’ll also have more impact on the story than in CI (the entire final chapter will be different depending on how you play the game). We’re also planning 4 DLCs as opposed to 2 in CI.
      3. 5 initially, 9 with DLCs. CI was 5/7 (you’re asking about babes, so we’re not counting Diego).
      4. We haven’t decided yet, but I don’t see why not.
      5. Threesomes yes, foursomes no, because they would be a nightmare to animate :-).

      Keep in mind some of this might change.

  9. Avatar

    Mulder - 26/01/2021 15:31

    How soon can we expect the first release?

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 26/01/2021 15:56

      Not sure if you’re trolling or just didn’t read the post 🙂

      • Avatar

        Mulder - 26/01/2021 19:47

        I wanted to say the next update 🙂

        • Astaroth [admin]

          Astaroth [admin] - 26/01/2021 22:46

          Once we have the progression screen programmed, I’ll make a post discussing it, hopefully in a few weeks. These dev updates might get a bit technical with not much new sexy stuff. I hope you guys are into it regardless.

          • Avatar

            MS - 27/01/2021 08:30

            Astaroth: “no sexy stuff , mostly tech stuff”

            Tech-priests appear out of thing air: “Go on…”

  10. Avatar

    MS - 25/01/2021 11:51

    This looks awesome, very detailed chars.

    I don’t know if you have done so inthee past,but a “coming when it’s done” approach seems like a good idea. No point in creating pressure when the game needs to be good, and fast delivery is not a priority

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 25/01/2021 12:26

      Yes, although keep in mind “released when it’s ready” doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be 100% bug-free. There’s only so much we can do by testing internally and have to rely on a larger audience to point out the bugs we missed in development and features that are either missing or don’t work as intended. Unfortunately that’s unavoidable.

      • Avatar

        MS - 26/01/2021 06:35

        Oh, of course.

        Some minor bugs are not a problem. The game which you mentioned on the other hand had game content scratched rather close to the release date and console editions were not quite enjoyable. I just think it is wiser to have the decision of release completely in your hands, without pressure of a published timetable.
        Another game I follow had to delay a content update one day before scheduled release (after being radio silent for half a years)- jep, people were not happy.

  11. Avatar

    Matthias - 25/01/2021 09:17

    looking great <3
    can't wait for more information
    I hope with the development everything goes smoothly and we can have am a great game.


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