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Places to Be, People to… Fuck?

All locations appearing in base version of Forbidden Curiosities have been rendered, post-produced and programmed. In total, there are 12 locations in the game (although, if development takes too long, we may release with 10 and move two story non-crucial locations to DLCs). Each of them allows for some unique actions (working, upgrading skills, purchasing of goods and so on). Locations’ state may vary depending on the hour, weather or day of the week. Due to the nature of the game we felt that was needed – it’s a dating sim, played through numerous “in-game days”, where you’ll be revisiting locations over and over again. Making them appear a little different every now and then will help alleviate monotony.

Our most recent Forbidden Curiosities-related work isn’t exactly exciting for you as it was mainly focused on gameplay mechanics. With Countess in Crimson we are in good position since it will mostly be using streamlined Cockwork Industries adventure game mechanics. Things are quite different for FC as it’s a completely different type of game. Tracking various actions, flow of time, money, outfits, skills, etc. is a new territory for us and unfortunately takes time to implement. However, with locations now done, between programming we can finally start rendering things that will probably interest you more – namely, all the chicas. But that’s for the next update…


Have a peek at the eponymous curiosity store in its full animated glory as it appears first time you visit it in the game:


We are aware most of you don’t give a damn about such mundane thing as locations, so to spice thing up, we’re revealing some NPC’s inhabiting them. NPC‘s – or “Non-Plowable Characters” as we like to call them – are characters bound to a specific place. Unlike Love Interests they cannot be romanced. Do not worry though – if you grow to like any of them, you’ll be able to do nasty things to them – not through building relationships, but rather by performing certain location-bound actions. Yeah, you’ll be able to eventually see all of them stuffed, cum glazed and ahegao-ing!


Hard Knocks Institute

A place where a girl can unleash her hidden talents. A team of coaches, tutors and psychiatrist will help you develop the most sought-after skills like bimboism, masochism or smut. Pay for the single session with a specialist on enroll for an entire course! Start a career as either an educator or a cleaner, helping rid the place of gallons of filth after each intensive training session!


Posing: Ingrid Hodenbrecher, PhD. Hailing from Gemany, Ms. Hodenbrecher specializes in hypnotherapy and behavioral conditioning. With each session with her you can permanently lover your IQ, rise your pain threshold or learn how to fetch if puppy play is your thing.


Invasive Procedures Clinic

Important date? Job interview? Late abortion? No matter – if you’re in a hurry and in dire need of last minute makeover, the hyper-qualified staff of the clinic is here to help! And yeah, no matter the procedure you can look glorious while going through it. After all, you have every right to feel like a true porn star even while knocked-out by anaesthetics.


Posing: Cherry, a young and playful prostitute with weird hobbies. While she normally charges premium for her services, every Sunday she volunteers for charity, offering her body for all homeless, old or disabled people she finds. She’s also known for turning boys into men – free of charge.


Distorted Pictures Inc.

Occupying a building that once served society as a whorephanage, Distorted Pictures is a film studio specializing in producing pornographic movies. While not necessarily Oscar-worthy, many of them succeeded in being truly breathtaking – literally and figuratively. If you want to start a porn star career look no further.


Posing: Tyronica Williams, professionally known as Lady Red, is one of the most prolific directors and cornerstones of Distorted Pictures. Her directorial debut – “The Last Breath” (as well as its seven subsequent sequels) – gained a cult following. Apart from working as a director, she often caries casting duties.


Red Street

The beating heart of the city. Movie date night? Groceries or… drugs? It’s all here! Shop, satisfy your cultural needs, solicit passers-by or wok as a drug-dealer… you choose.


Posing: Trish, a prolific member of the Aryan Lassies. Extortion, bullying, human trafficking and drugs – whenever you need something not quite legal, she’s here to help.


Blue Spot

Run by Blue and her family, this sex shop is always well stocked in whatever your heart (or pussy or cock) desires. From hentai mangas to broaden your horizons, through assortment of sex toys and sexy outfits to relaxing video cabins. If body ink or intimate piercing is your thing, this is also the spot as Blue rents out part of the shop to her friend for a piercing & tattoo studio.


Posing: Jezebel, once a devoted nun who had cast off her habit once she realized that organized religion concentrates too much on misery and suffering instead of spreading Jesus’ message of love. Now she preaches His word to those willing to listen… her own way.


  1. Avatar

    orb - 18/03/2021 20:45

    Really looking forward to this one more than the other project, but then I liked Sodom Sluts a LOT more than the other offerings. All the stuff you guys make is top notch, SS just hit kinks that are less common, so they feel more special.

  2. Avatar

    Bror - 13/12/2020 00:08

    I just want to comment to show my support, I was really happy to see a new dev blog for FC. Can’t wait to buy this on launch! 😀

  3. Avatar

    carlossandiago - 12/12/2020 14:38

    I am just not visiting your site as often but loved to see this update. This game seems to have all and more I love and enjoy in your Sodom Slut comics. I love the filth and debased nature of it (having a Preggo and Drug fetish certainly helps) so I am happy about this update and wish you all the best.

  4. Avatar

    Crea - 09/12/2020 02:24

    Lmao 1 comment, people don’t want this.

    • Tokage [admin]

      Tokage [admin] - 09/12/2020 17:42

      If we were to judge demand solely on number of comments, then sure, it looks exactly this way. Positive comments are always a welcome encouragement, but if people don’t feel like leaving them – we can’t do anything about that.

      However, in our experience – out of our three content sites, Sodom Sluts (hardcore-fetish oriented) has always had best sales, largest number of signups, biggest following… and the least vocal fanbase. Common sense suggests people are more likely to comment on “glamour-ish/mainstream-ish” type of adult content while quietly anticipating a game that will give them (among other “weird” kinks) an opportunity to be abused by a 9-month-pregnant woman.

      This is why we’re not discouraged at this point and don’t intend to change our development plans. If the sales (what ultimately matters the most, like it or not) for FC are low and reviews are bad, then yeah – it’ll show us there’s no demand for such a game, we’ll learn our lesson and stick to what resonates more with the players. Thing is, we won’t know until we try and to have a decent idea of what people actually want most, we need to have released at least 3-4 different games.

      We’ll see how this’ll turn out for us. At least I can have some fun rendering stuff I enjoy 🙂 – there’s always a silver lining.

      • Avatar

        Joe Wright - 10/12/2020 03:32

        I’m glad that you guys are taking this attitude! This game seems to have lots of boundary pushing stuff and that’s what this site has always been about.

  5. Avatar

    ReallyCooool - 30/11/2020 11:29

    Very attractive and tempting ‘characters’ you have created here: love it all, the super-sized boobs, the crafted beauty of the models, the time-line game mechanics (nice ‘real-live’ idea) and even the ‘filthy’ settings look glamorous and intriguingly sexy … can’t wait … so please release this one as early as possible ! 🙂


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