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Cockwork Industries screenshots and more info

Here are some screenshots that highlight various gameplay elements of the game.

Cockwork Industries is a fully-fledged adventure game and while dialogue plays a big part in it, there are other gameplay elements present throughout the game. This includes item usage, minigames and even small side quests.

We’re currently in the final testing stage and the game will become available very soon.


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    DickTUhl - 17/12/2018 03:06

    Just bought the game yesterday @ Renderotica, Absolutely Love the game very fun to play very detailed characters. Great job . I do have a concern about the game though apparently the game version I have doesn’t allow access to the options in the main menu-Secret Archives & Personnel Files. I get a error code not available in XXR version games is there a add on for this. So far that all I found t be incomplete about the game. Once again just love the game play you’ve done a great job so far

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    Kingsizednuts - 26/10/2018 03:52

    I just watched the trailer to this game of yours, and its the first time since Sexy Beach that I’ve seen a compelling sex game. I was wondering however. After the release, will you be adding to the game? As in adding more girls, more sex positions, more clothing, more dialogue etc etc?

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 26/10/2018 05:16

      We currently plan to release 2 DLCs, each introducing a new girl and expanding the base game. I can’t give more details at this point, but be sure the game is still actively developed.

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    stoper - 20/10/2018 23:55

    This looks really good, mate. Kudos. Looking forward to play it.

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    Max95 - 18/10/2018 19:19

    Good day team. I would like to know the approximate stage of development of the game and the method of its distribution, if it is not a secret.

    • Astaroth (admin)

      Astaroth (admin) - 18/10/2018 20:37

      Hey there. The game is finished. We still need to sort out some minor bugs before we can release it. It’s our first game, so we’d like to make a good impression and make it as polished as possible.

      It will be out this month for sure, but we don’t want to set a release date in case there’s an unexpected delay. There’s still a very small chance of that.

      As for distribution – you’ll gain access to it by signing up for a membership at once the website is live or, if you’re a member already, by logging in to our Members Area.

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    Zachary Austin - 17/10/2018 23:47

    Good day team. I’m excited to see your results. I am a 35 year old practiced author and have been in the service 15 years. I recently have been interested in this style of art and erotic entertainment. If you need a hand with writing, need someone to enlist in a poll, or anything similar please reach out. I’m excited to serve however I can.

    • Astaroth (admin)

      Astaroth (admin) - 18/10/2018 00:02

      Well, good day to you too 🙂 If our little game venture is successful enough, we’ll most likely need some help with writing in the future. Should this happen, we’ll remember about you.


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