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Preview – Sodom Sluts update

I don’t care that much about my models. I abuse them as much as possible, and then move on to a new set of polygon sluts. In most cases. With Candi and Blue, things are however a little bit different.

Candi was created as a npc character for one of popular adult browser games few years ago. Designed as a one-shot she eventually grow upon me and returned in few more titles. When we started our network, it was obvious that Candi will return. And here she is – Candi v2. Little bit more mature, re-textured and with a set of carefully designed custom morphs. She’s not your typical 3dx beauty – no wasp waist, no big boobs, a few scars and lot of tattoos. She’s easily my favorite character, and if you happen to like her as much as I do, she may be back one day.

And while working on that set, Blue was created, taking the second place. Her return to SS is also a matter of time only. Right now she may look like a pretty one dimensional character, but I’m considering giving her a serious back story, distancing from Candi, and… who knows? Comic maybe? As they say, “there’s something about blue”. Something worth exploring 🙂

Candi – Electric blue

I promised 30 hardcore pictures. Well… it was hard to limit myself to just 30 pictures… So whole update consists of 33 hardcore pictures, 10 bonus “solo studio shoots” of Candi, and a wallpaper in all common aspect ratios featuring two lovely protagonists. Ready for some weird cuckold action? Then join Candi and Blue in hunt for some black cock!

Proclaiming June the international sacrilege month

Yes, nuns are cumming. Cumming hard. June will bring two sacrilegious updates – a collection of illustrations, featuring various nuns in various sexy (and demented) situations. Big boobed nuns, flat chested nuns, pregnant nuns, tortured nuns, dominant nuns, latex nuns, normal nuns and so on. There will be also a mini gallery of one crazy futanari nun.

Also, a long comic will be added to the members area by the end of June (not sacrilegious but still fun).

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