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Preview – Sodom Sluts update

Rainbow in Naughty Toy Guns

Candi is about to debut in her own ongoing Sodom Sluts comic series, so it seems like a good idea to introduce you to some of her best friends – crazy goth gals that share Candi’s affection for weird fetishes and support her in her zany antics. Every week of May will bring a pinup gallery of Candi’s girlfriends. They all will meet in Candi & Co. Vol 1. If you’re into cuckolding, femdom, tattoos, abortion fetish – this is something for you.

When will the comic première? Soon ™.


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    Hakuru15 - 28/11/2015 02:16

    i love her hair!

    • Avatar

      realcoolhandle - 24/05/2017 21:43

      I like YOUR ears ?


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