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Countess in Crimson is now live!

Countess in Crimson can now be downloaded from our Members Area!

If you do not have a membership and wish to play the game, head over to the game’s website and purchase a membership. We currently hold a 20% discount to celebrate the game’s release.

The demo is also available if you wish to try out the game first. It’s a bit outdated though (released in September last year), so remember it currently doesn’t have all of the game’s features and content. We will be updating it soon.

We tried our best to make the game as polished as possible but some bugs will definitely still occur, especially during the first weeks after release. If you wish to report a bug, use our contact form, send an email to or leave a comment in this post. Any other feedback is also highly appreciated.

Finally, please be patient if you experience slow download speeds when downloading the game during the release week due to increased website traffic.

Have fun!


Update: We released an update (v0.8.4) that addresses the issue of galleries not unlocking correctly for some players. Since we changed some things on a structural level, please uninstall the previous version manually prior to installing version 0.8.4.
If gallery and achievements worked for you in v0.8.3 and you’d like to transfer them the new version:
1. Navigate to your game installation folder.
2. Copy the file called “bc.x” from the “scenes” folder somewhere safe.
3. Uninstall version 0.8.3.
4. Install version 0.8.4 and copy the “bc.x” to the “scenes” folder in your new installation folder and overwrite the existing file if needed.


  1. Avatar

    Ethan - 14/11/2022 19:11

    If I bought the game on a different website (affect3d), do I get access to new updates? If so, how do I go about getting them?

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 14/11/2022 19:23

      The game is updated regularly on Affect3D, so just download the newest version from their website.

      Unfortunately updates on 3rd party stores are delayed, sometimes by up to 1 month compared to our own website, because they need to be manually verified and uploaded by their staff (for this reason we skip some interim updates on some stores in favor of larger ones).

      Eventually, all updates make their way into the game, so if the latest update is not yet available from the store you bought the game from, you need to be a bit patient.

  2. Avatar

    obsexo - 02/06/2022 22:10

    wich are the system resources for play it?
    I tried to play it, but it was really slow, the pointer was so slow that it wouldnt be able of play the minigames, and aniways, the laptop was heating so much that I just quitted the game fearing it would burn it.

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 02/06/2022 23:45

      Minimum system requirements are:
      OS: Windows 7
      Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz or equivalent
      Memory: 2 GB RAM
      Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compatible with 512 MB dedicated vRAM (shared memory is not recommended)
      DirectX: version 9.0c or higher
      Storage: 4 GB available disk space

      This is the minimum for the game to run, although it may not be a smooth experience at constant 30+ fps.

      If you are well above the minimum specs, many performance issues (including overheating) can be solved by hard-capping the game’s fps in your GPU control panel. Please refer to “Game crashing soon after starting or behaving abnormally” section in FAQ and Technical Help.

  3. Avatar

    Tzardok - 26/05/2022 22:27

    I stumbled over a bug.

    In my third playthrough, after beginning chapter 4, there’s something fucky with the portraits. Josh’s portrait is always there, no matter who speaks, either overlapping the actual speaker’s portrait or lying beneath it. Reloading or changing location doesn’t seem to help. Nor does restarting the game. But the bug seems to be restricted to that save file.

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 26/05/2022 22:44

      This would indicate a command to hide the portrait is missing in some dialogue. Unfortunately if you can’t pinpoint that dialogue it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack.
      Do you have any idea on which dialogue this may have started to happen?
      Can you load an earlier save file and see if you can reproduce this error?

      There’s also a possibility that the save just didn’t execute correctly and didn’t register the “hide portrait” command, in which case there’s not much you can do apart from loading an earlier save or waiting until the same portrait appears during dialogue and the hide command is executed again.

      • Avatar

        Tzardok - 26/05/2022 23:30

        It happenend first after I left the Countess’ chamber and started talking to the courtiers. It continued to happen during the mandatory dialogue with Eva and some of her optional dialogue after. It happened then in the mandatory dialogue with Liliana, but not in her optional dialogue, and I saw it for the last time during the mandatory dialogue with Aliyah. Afterwards it stopped happening.

        • Astaroth [admin]

          Astaroth [admin] - 27/05/2022 00:09

          It stopped happening because the same portrait was used again and the command that closes that portrait also closed the previous buggy one.

          The Courtiers dialogue looks correct, so it’s either a different dialogue or save file corruption. Can you please send us the save file where this happens?
          The save files are located in C:\Users\*username\AppData\Local\Digital Seductions\Countess in Crimson

          Just zip all files and send it to

  4. Avatar

    jay - 26/05/2022 00:25

    Congatulations team DS on making an outstanding game that I enjoyed from start to finish on all the endings.At the current price its a steal and is worth at at least $15.00.Great grahics sound story and characters.I look forward to seeing this great game grow.

  5. Avatar

    Razamat - 25/05/2022 00:39

    Congrats on the release of the game! I did have a question, though. I saw in another comment elsewhere that BDSM and sacrilege will be added later. My interest in BDSM depends on what it is, and I’m not interested at all in sacrilege. Will at least the sacrilege scenes be skippable in future DLC? Or maybe I’m misunderstanding how DLC will work for CiC, and future content packages are optional?

    Thanks in advance for clarifying!

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 25/05/2022 00:52

      Generally all sex scenes in the game are skippable apart from some images that appear before and after the scenes. The sacrilege content will involve a new girl and a side-quest that’s entirely optional. It won’t be anything super-hardcore though. Same goes for BDSM content, it’ll mostly contain femdom and punishment themed scenes, but this is planned much later on.

      • Avatar

        Razamat - 25/05/2022 04:39

        Ah, wonderful, thanks very much for the response, Astaroth! The BDSM content sounds intriguing, at least. πŸ™‚


  6. Avatar

    Jtx-99 - 24/05/2022 21:46

    Option to skip the intro would be appreciated.

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 24/05/2022 21:50

      Just press ESC. This works on all videos (Chapter titles, ending, etc.).

  7. Avatar

    John C - 24/05/2022 18:26

    what a great game! I have unlocked everything except for Matilidas story. I cant seem to get her to make a herbal potion for me. Any advice??

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 24/05/2022 20:37

      There isn’t a story there, it just a flavor dialogue. However, there will be a similar storyline involving Matilda in content we’re planning in the future.

  8. Avatar

    bob - 23/05/2022 09:08

    Btw tentacles are not futa, so why are they in the futa gallery?
    If a lady has tentacles on her back, she’s a hot straight lady with tentacles.
    If she has tentacles or not AND male genitalia – she is a futa.
    Also, you wasted so many opportunities:
    1 You could have gotten a cure for that hot lady with the double colored eyes – that would have been a great scenario.
    2 This “lighter” guy – Texan Roy is supposed to become an active “player”, like some 3some or do Mc Girl when she gets horny after visiting the castle
    3 Big ugly same…. like some barn action to match his looks.
    4 Drunk guy could show his memories with his hot wife and what she went through
    5 Pregnant woman, I think she is for DLC
    and many other things

    I’m swamped with work at the moment, but I can carve out an hour on this/another weak day and write you (not the whole scenario, of course) some basic alternatives to your title so you can look at it from a different point of view. Like for example the impressions and expectations of outsiders who found out about your title after playing the demo.
    In the address bar I added my real email address instead of usual fake “” where you can write to me but add studio name in Title – i get a lot mails with edits/corrections etc so i wont loose it.

    The reason I’m writing this is very simple
    there are very few companies that make a finished product of this type. Most are moving to some Patreon-like sites where they just need a good start make patrons and end unfinished work/repeat.
    You have a great graphics team that creates fresh alternatives to the easy standards that are on the market. I’ve sat through these modes myself, and one of the titles that thrilled me was your Clockwork – it was almost xmass – a very busy time for me but I still carved out time to go through and enjoy this title. The script wasn’t great but the game had that something in itself. I think you have the potential and it’s a shame to waste your talent on such scenarios. I’d like to apologize to the script team – I know what it’s like to have to simplify and adapt to something that was done with a different idea. I also know that it’s easy to speak after the fact – but these are the facts at the moment (in my opinion).

    I know you don’t like editing other people’s posts, but you can just cut out everything I wrote after *** or just do not post this one.

  9. Avatar

    msm - 17/05/2022 15:50

    Huzzah! That is all.

  10. Avatar

    Ceauxfal - 16/05/2022 09:40

    Hey hey! Great game have played thru multiple times and unlocked almost all content. Love the theme, characters and interactions between them. The personality trait system is also pretty good! Futa scenes a nice touch also! Good stuff digital seductions! πŸ‘Œ I rated it 5 stars, will also buy on steam to support you when it’s released πŸ™‚

  11. Avatar

    Max - 14/05/2022 22:43

    The truth is, how many weird comments really, asking for a manual to play a game is crazy and criticizing it for how it is developed the way they criticize it is even weirder. Because they don’t ask those who developed Resident Evil for a manual to play it… hahaha… and if they criticize a game so much for its content because they don’t develop their own with what they want to see and end of story, criticizing the truth can do it anyone in order to criticize nothing else, and more when nobody forces you to consume something. I haven’t really played it yet, I liked the demo and I applaud them for what they really did, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed when I buy it beyond the fact that there is content that I don’t like.

  12. Avatar

    Mulder - 13/05/2022 14:06

    Is there an official walkthrough like it was with CI?

  13. Avatar

    BSL Wolfie - 08/05/2022 20:25

    What goofballs idea was it to ruin the game with futa and why

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 08/05/2022 20:35

      Just want to take this opportunity to remind everyone Futa content can be completely turned off in Options. Just remember to turn it off again before or just after starting a new playthrough as gameplay options are stored in save files.

  14. Avatar

    Domo - 08/05/2022 10:00

    Can’t finish the membership payment both ccbill&epochy. Is there any other way to join the membership?

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 08/05/2022 11:33

      I’m afraid not. You can wait until the game is available on external stores (Steam, Nutaku,, Affect3D) and try buying it there.

      • Avatar

        Domo - 08/05/2022 20:22

        Ok. I guess I’ll wait for steam version. Thx all the same.

  15. Avatar

    Dark Slaver - 08/05/2022 01:35

    The Gallery seems to be bugged, keeps saying off unlocked content etc and nothing showing in there. Otherwise a great game.

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 08/05/2022 01:40

      Is there nothing in gallery at all or just particular entries missing?

      Can you please go to your game installation folder and check if there’s a file called “bc.x” inside the “scenes” folder?

      • Avatar

        Bobby B - 08/05/2022 02:48

        This looks to be an issue with file permissions. I completed the game yet nothing had saved. The installation directory appears to be read only.

        I was able to resolve this by going to the file folder properties > security > edit and giving myself full control.

        • Astaroth [admin]

          Astaroth [admin] - 08/05/2022 03:02

          That’s what I was also about to suggest – Windows most likely blocking the unlockables file from being written to disk. This may happen if you’re running a Windows account that doesn’t have administrator privileges. More potential solutions to this problem:

          1. Make sure to be running the game as administrator (right click on the “Countess in Crimson.exe” file and choose “run as administrator”).
          2. Install the game to a folder other than Program Files (which is a Windows protected folder) and possibly other drive than C:

          • Avatar

            Dark Slaver - 08/05/2022 11:48

            That worked, just had to click on the read only toggle to off.

  16. Avatar

    Fyridian - 08/05/2022 01:00

    Hello, is there a guide or walkthrough? I’m stuck in chapter 2 and can’t get Ashley to get back from the shower. I’ve talked to everyone and interacted with all the objects.

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 08/05/2022 01:12

      There is no game guide yet, but we do have a hints system in place that will help you in most cases like this. While in game, press ESC -> Options -> turn “Hints” On

      Also be sure to watch the tutorials and remember sometimes you need to use items and you should be fine.

      In this particular case

      [click to reveal spoiler]

      you need to pick up some wood from the stack and throw it into the fire.


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