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Countess in Crimson Patch 0.8.19: New Sex Scenes for Irina and Aliyah

The newest update features new content for Irina and Aliyah in Chapter V with expanded story dialogues and sex scenes.

Loading save files from previous content update should work with this version, but is not recommended as it may cause some issues.

This is the last update we’re adding before the Magdalena content, which, as I mentioned previously, will come as one large update. Unfortunately, adding a new character requires restructuring the game on a deeper level and can’t be broken down into smaller updates. For the time being, I’m unable to specify long it’s going to take, so thanks for your patience in advance. Once we have any information to share in that segard, I’ll be sure to inform you.


  1. Avatar

    Lacinnor - 09/09/2023 23:08

    I am hyped for the next update! Will it release in september? Np if you need more time, i am just impatient and need to ask haha.

  2. Avatar

    Umorko - 25/08/2023 12:09

    Hi, is there a release date for Magdalena?

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 25/08/2023 16:26

      Around 3 weeks from now should be plausible. We’re also updating the engine with this release, so it might require some additional testing.

  3. Avatar

    Lacinnor - 23/07/2023 04:29

    Really excited for the next update, is there a date yet? Take your time ofc, i bet it will be awesome

  4. Avatar

    MrDeadword - 05/07/2023 17:33

    Hi! Great game! Can you tell me if there are plans to expand the content where the main character gets to an orgy?

  5. Avatar

    TRiBUNUS - 29/05/2023 12:23

    This game is amazing, great quality! Can’t wait to see what you guys do in the future 🙂

  6. Avatar

    Lacinnor - 21/05/2023 23:09

    The last update isn’t even updated on Affect3d, can i download the game somewhere else or do i have to buy it again? I can’t but it on steam in germany because of stupid laws.

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 22/05/2023 00:54


      The game is updated on Affect3D (just downloaded and verified it’s 0.8.19), only the patch notes are not yet up to date on the store page.

      • Avatar

        Lannicor - 22/05/2023 01:15

        Thank you, i thought the patch notes would indicate that it isn’t updated.

        • Astaroth [admin]

          Astaroth [admin] - 22/05/2023 01:21

          It really depends on who and when approves the game build and store page edits on Affect3d’s end.

          As a rule of thumb: If the patch notes are updated, that means that the game is updated as well (we never submit store page edits if we aren’t sure the game was updated), but if the patch notes aren’t updated, the game may already be updated anyway (and we just haven’t submitted store page edits or they haven’t been approved yet).

          Oh, and it’s good to know that people do read those patch notes 🙂.

          • Avatar

            Lacinnor - 23/05/2023 18:02

            Thank you for explaining. Awesome update, i am looking forward to Magdalena!

  7. Avatar

    The Poet - 19/05/2023 15:16

    Hell yea! I hope Magdalena has some angel form (just like these girls have demon forms)

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 19/05/2023 16:29

      Well, unless you mean the “Bible accurate” type of angel, that wouldn’t really suit her. Magdalena is more of an “Old Testament” vindictive kind of nun rather than the “New Testament” compassionate one 🙂.

  8. Avatar

    Razamat - 19/05/2023 01:07

    Really excited for the updates to come!


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