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Countess in Crimson Patch 0.9.2: Halloween Update

Same as last time, Halloween-themed content has been added to Countess in Crimson. Jack-o’-lanterns will now appear in Castle Hallway and Chapel and picking them up will unlock Halloween-themed pictures and dialogue skins for Eva and Magdalena respectively.

Please be aware that the new Jack-o’-lanterns won’t be visible unless you start a new game.

Happy Halloween!


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    Malgus26 - 13/11/2023 03:02

    I would def love to see more sex scenes with Ashley in the future…..maybe in the future we can get to see more of her with the futanari women…maybe even a threesome or gangbang with them all

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    Dark Slaver - 09/11/2023 18:49

    Nice update, I like these costumes more than the last two if I’m being honest. Can’t wait to see what you do with the game going forward.


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