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Digital Seductions status update


First of all, we’d like to inform everyone Digital Seductions is not dead by any means. We are currently in the process of changing the way we operate and the content we create, which requires a lot of work in advance and behind the scenes. We apologize for not having regular updates during that time.

We will post updates regarding upcoming content when we’re ready. We don’t want to repeat our past mistakes of spoiling upcoming content and not delivering. After all, a broken promise is worse than not making a promise at all.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that we’re essentially two content creators (me and Tokage) and we are currently unable to commit to running Digital Seductions full time (we’ve never achieved the financial threshold to do so), although we’d like to and that was our goal from the start. We hope this changes in the near future and with your help we’ll be able to expand and grow.

In the meantime, Thank You to everyone who’s been supporting us so far. We wish everybody Happy Holidays and New Year and we’ll see you soon!


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