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Cockwork Industries Patch 4.18: Final Content Update

With this update we’re adding the remaining dialogue skins (Lady Punk for Kyoko and Handsome Devil for Diego) and implementing the Game Guide into the game.

Lady Punk dialogue skin for Kyoko can be picked up by clicking the boot item in the Lobby:


Handsome Devil dialogue skin for Diego can be picked up by clicking the trident item in the Machine Room:


Upon pickup, a bonus “tease” animation showcasing the skin will also play out.

Some players also requested the ability to view the post-sex and ending images without the interface visible and for that reason we’re making them available. They can now be found in the “Extras” folder outside of the game.


As indicated in the title, this is a final content patch for Cockwork Industries. Of course there might still be some small bug fixes if necessary, but version 4.18 is a true Complete version of the game. We’d like to thank you all for your support and making this game possible. Things we learned throughout the development of Cockwork Industries will help us bring you better, more engaging and feature-rich games in the future. We’re now focusing our full attention to finishing our recently announced games – Countess in Crimson and Forbidden Curiosities. We’re looking forward to sharing our progress with you in the upcoming months.


v4.18 Changelog:

• Lady Punk Kyoko dialogue skin added.

• Handsome Devil Diego dialogue skin added.

• The Game Guide is now accessible from the main menu

• Additional images that couldn’t be included in the Personnel Files gallery can now be viewed outside of the game by browsing the “Extras” folder


  1. Avatar

    unnamed - 18/11/2020 12:04

    I have purchased DLC last year. But the dlc download site on Nutaku doesn’t open. Do yo know the reason and how to solve it?

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 18/11/2020 19:51

      Sorry, but you’ll have to contact Nutaku directly regarding this issue. We don’t have any influence on how they manage downloads in their store. It looks like they had a store redesign recently, so maybe that has something to do with this.

  2. Avatar

    The Poet - 08/10/2020 15:12

    Any news about Countess in Crimson? Really looking forward to it!

  3. Avatar

    Vernacular - 22/09/2020 04:17

    I purchased this at Affect3D last year. The DLC packs were available at no cost because I purchased the main one. Will this be available to Affect3D at some point?

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 22/09/2020 11:32

      By “main one” do you mean the main DLC Pack? If yes, then the final update should be available soon. They had a store redesign at Affect3D and informed us it might affect (no pun intended) product updates, so you’ll have to be patient.

  4. Avatar

    TT - 13/09/2020 22:07

    I wanted to thank you for awesome Diego character. I bought game on steam only cause of him. And want to tell you I buy any of your game if it will have even only one character option like him in whole game full of great ladies I do not care of sadly. Never met such awesome male character model in any adult game I witnessed before either gay or straight oriented.
    Thank you very much again.

  5. Avatar

    Freedonut - 10/09/2020 07:59

    Hi I bought this game on Nutaku and somehow the game version is only 4.15. Will 4.18 be updated any time soon?

    • Tokage [admin]

      Tokage [admin] - 10/09/2020 12:38

      Nutaku received new builds quite some time ago. I’ve just downloaded files from them and can confirm that both DLC Pack and Complete Bundle are indeed updated to latest version (4.19).

  6. Avatar

    Mr. nice guy - 05/09/2020 14:29

    Hi, I was wondering why you don’t make short games like Lesson of Passion games.
    30 days, stat building and a progressing relationships with women etc.
    I think that would be more profitable and efficient than updating a single game every time.

    • Tokage [admin]

      Tokage [admin] - 05/09/2020 15:48

      Forbidden Curiosities will have all the features you mentioned (Countess in Crimson will be an adventure game with some dating sim elements ). LoP at this moment is a well-oiled machine – a whole team of people, from dedicated programmers, through gfx artists and copywriters so no wonder they are much more efficient when it comes to releasing new titles. We simply cannot compete with them – we both handle programming, gfx, writing, debugging and so on. Until we have more manpower, things will take time. Also, please remember that except for few forays into full 3D area, LoP games are less animation-heavy and build mostly for static images. Since it was well received in Ci we decided to have characters animations in all our games and yeah, it is taking time. Additional updates (skins) for CI were never planned, but since the game was well received on Steam and there was a demand for “more” we decided to implement them. With new games we are sticking to a route we originally planed for Ci – base game + 2 big DLCs and we are done.

  7. Avatar

    Faggeluke - 15/08/2020 06:28

    Thank you! Thanks for taking Diego to the party! Their skins are fascinating as well! Gosh I can’t get over his chest hair.

  8. Avatar

    Zaelu - 14/08/2020 21:44

    Kyoko is my favorite character of the game and it looks like she will get my favorite skin as well. Really looking forward to seeing it in the game.

    Do you know when Cockwork Industries will be updated on Nutaku and Steam?

    • Astaroth [admin]

      Astaroth [admin] - 14/08/2020 21:46

      The Steam version has already been updated. As for Nutaku – probably 1 or 2 weeks depending on how quickly they’ll update the files.

      • Avatar

        Zaelu - 15/08/2020 00:56

        Awesome thank you.
        I hope there is a chance to meet Kyoko in one of your future games

  9. Avatar

    Sebastian - 14/08/2020 21:43

    Dang, both skins look amazing! You hit it out of the park! Now unto the dark castles of the sinister countess…


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